Solo Piano

As a soloist, Linda Leine enjoys performing contemporary, modern music - in addition to an extensive classical repertoire.

Trio Fabel

With Trio Fabel, clarinettist Anna Gāgane, cellist Kristaps Bergs and pianist Linda Leine are fulfilling a common wish: to make music together and popularise the music of their homeland Latvia. The ensemble works closely with Latvian composers and commissions new pieces. 

Duo with Pia Davila (Soprano)

The soprano singer Pia Davila and the pianist Linda Leine have been working together for several years. They already got to know each other during their joint bachelor's studies at the University of Music and Theater in Hamburg; in the summer of 2014, they began - initially without any professional ulterior motives - to discover joint repertoire. This collaboration quickly turned out to be very enriching. A short time later, the two musicians snatched third prize at the ninth international song duo competition "Schubert and the Modern" in Graz. Since then, Pia Davila and Linda Leine have regularly performed together. In 2016, the duo won first prize at the International Competition for "Verfemte Musik". 

Wenn ich 'Heimweh' sage, sag ich 'Traum'

This collaborative project between pianist Linda Leine and artist Kristina Schwarzwald explores themes of homeland and identity through music and visual art. It features performances of works by composers Georgs Pelēcis and Valentin Silvestrov, accompanied by evocative visual narratives, creating an immersive experience that questions concepts of home and nostalgia.

Duo with Daniel Arias (Cello)

Latvian pianist Linda Leine and Venezuelan cellist Daniel Arias offer an enthralling blend of virtuosity and expressive depth, traversing works from Schumann to Poulenc. Their collaboration illuminates the rich tapestry of chamber music, from the romantic allure of the 19th century to the vibrant textures of the 20th century. This dynamic duo embodies a musical dialogue that spans continents and epochs, delivering performances that resonate with heartfelt passion and cultural heritage.

Auftakt Academy

Workshops und coachings for young musicians, founded by Linda Leine.