Pia Davila and Linda Leine


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Pia Davila: piadavila.com

The soprano singer Pia Davila and the pianist Linda Leine have been working together for several years. They already got to know each other during their joint bachelor's studies at the University of Music and Theater in Hamburg; in the summer of 2014, they began - initially without any professional ulterior motives - to discover joint repertoire. This collaboration quickly turned out to be very enriching. A short time later, the two musicians snatched third prize at the ninth international song duo competition "Schubert and the Modern" in Graz. Since then, Pia Davila and Linda Leine have regularly performed together. In 2016, the duo won first prize at the International Competition for "Verfemte Musik". 

The two artists perform their carefully selected, varied programs, which include both well-known and new repertoire, "with a special expressiveness and a deep artistic intention." (Jury discussion in Graz "Schubert and the Modern Age")

In doing so, the most delicate nuances of sound design and the curiosity to explore the deep contents of a poem or song are of utmost importance to the duo. Each piece thus contains its unique colouration in itself and the overall context of the program design.